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Transparent acrylic (plexiglas) in smoke coloured, pale blue-grey or clear.
Plate glass with polished edges.
Tabletop 32" x 32"
Tabletop 80cm x 80 cm
To order:
Tabletop 22" x 22"
Tabletop 40" x 40"
Designed and developed 1960
Made by C.I., Boston, USA from 1962 to 1978
Made by Denbo/Hovedstadens Moebelfabrik for sale outside the USA from 1962 to 1972 when the latter was closed down.
Being a practical glass-topped table this design is also an ever changing object, that picks up reflexes of sun and light in a room, and visually absorbs outlines of other aspects of a space it is placed in. 


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